By changing your thinking you can change the way you experience your life. Changing the way you experience your life changes your life.

Changing anything requires an awareness of what exists and why, coupled with a desire for a different physical, emotional and/or spiritual experience.

To change our thinking we must become aware of and be prepared to analyse each and every thought, throughout each and every moment of the day. We must understand who or what informs our thinking and determine for ourselves the thoughts that best serve us and discard the rest.

From birth, we are bombarded with the thoughts and beliefs of others, individuals, groups and organisations, and rarely invited to question.

Our thoughts inform every aspect of how we experience this life.

What Are We Thinking creates an awareness that is both enlightening and liberating, it takes the willing on an internal journey inviting you to question everything you have not yet validated through personal experience.


You can change your life simply by changing your thinking!

What life do you choose?

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‘What are we thinking?’ reminds us to learn from the people and experiences that challenge us. Understanding people and ourselves, helps us replace our own negative chat and that of the people around us – could be friend, family, colleague of stranger – with a positive message, that helps us turn things around, achieve our goals, find our own happiness. It’s not an easy path, but Margaret’s personal book gives practical advice, that you can dip in and out of, and return to and take something new away. – Natalie