What Are We Thinking. Margaret PurcellOur thoughts drive our feelings/emotions, our emotions influence how we perceive every situation we encounter and, there for how we live our lives.

How much of your thinking is positive, negative, judgemental, ill informed or clouded by conditioning? How much of your thinking or what you believe is the result of indoctrination rather than personal experience?

What Are We Thinking? presents many questions that only you can answer.

Most of us posses the cognitive ability to sort through all that is presented to us in this life and CHOOSE what we think, believe and, in turn, how we behave.

Our individual choices define every aspect of the life we live.

By changing your thinking you can change the way you experience your life. Changing the way you experience your life changes your life.

Changing anything requires an awareness of what exists and why, coupled with a desire for a different physical, emotional and/or spiritual experience.

To change our thinking we must become aware of and be prepared to analyse each and every thought, throughout each and every moment of the day. We must understand who or what informs our thinking and determine for ourselves the thoughts that best serve us and discard the rest.

What are you thinking?

What life do you CHOOSE?

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“So this little baby accompanied me on my recent mini break in Cairns. A holiday is a great time to read this book by Margaret Purcell. A clear head with no distractions, just you and your own thoughts, will allow you to relax and open up to new concepts or give you a gentle reminder of what you know to be true however external influences have impacted on your reality. #whatarewethinking will help you identify your ‘Group Mind’ and provide you the tools to discover and live your life according to your very own mind.” – Jodee