Why doesn’t contentment get ANY air time these days?

Because content people don’t consume and endless stream of unnecessary goods and services. They are essentially low maintenance individuals, happy with who they are, what they have and how their life is playing out. No space for this in the fear based capitalist model…

As with all emotional states, contentment is ours for the taking. We can choose to be content just like we can choose to be happy, angry, offended, victimised etc.

Content folks operate off a basis of need rather than want so by default consume far fewer resources. If we all engaged with contentment our culture of ongoing mindless consumption would cease to exist. Natural resources would be preserved rather than pillaged. Wildlife in all its forms would be respected and celebrated and extinction rates would greatly diminish.

Can you imagine being immune to the – be afraid, buy more, consume more messages characterising 21st century western culture?

It’s worth reminding ourselves that ALL we need as a species is balanced nutrition and somewhere safe to live, within a community to which we can make a positive contribution.

We can all choose contentment and make an incredible impact on our present, our future potential, that of our species and every other species on the planet.

If we were not all mindlessly consuming or craving greater financial wealth/debt, we would not have to spend so much time at work, we could focus our energy on our life lessons, the reason we exist.

Contentment is also the by product of choosing to live a life of trust over a life of fear. If we can trust in ourselves and our life choices and trust that everything happens for a reason or has meaning, then all we are left with is contentment. Wants don’t exist, needs are met, satisfaction reigns.

I believe we come to a life on earth at a time of our choosing to learn lessons of our choosing with the support of range of beings, both physical and spiritual.

When we are in a state of contentment, without the distractions offered by endless want, we are more able to acknowledge and unpack our emotional responses to situations, connect with intuitive guidance, learn, grow and evolveā€¦

Embrace contentment. Experience the difference this simple choice will inspire.