Resisting Change & Denying Evolution

The only things we CAN control are our thoughts and actions. The only things we NEED to control are our thoughts and actions.

History is littered with the casualties of deluded attempts to control people and the choices they make, often motivated by fear, possibly a fear of change. A reluctance to embrace change is an outright affront to the necessary reality of evolution. Without evolution intelligent species serve no purpose…

Control is not ours for the taking. Yes we are an intelligent species, yes we have evolved and continue to, but we do so within a universe that is larger and much more complex than we could ever comprehend, let alone control.

You might think you control your life but you don’t, you try to control your children – how’s that working out? – you think you control your staff – really? or perhaps your congregation – seriously…? How much stress do you take on or generate in the process of trying to control the thoughts and actions of others??

Until we realize, that all any of us can control is how we respond to whatever life throws our way, nothing will change.

The desire to control is motivated by a need for power often fed by one or more of our manufactured fears. Fear of difference, change, loss, illness and death or a God.

The irrationality of a fear based need is almost impossible to dismantle through rational thought or argument – hence the state of the world as we know it – until we dismantle our structure of manufactured fears we will continue down our current devastating path of greed and destruction.

We can all do our little bit by not responding to the projected fears of others, be they individuals, organizations, government bodies or religious groups.

Look past the fear based emotional façade they present to uncover the driving force – identify what they want from you!

Only then can you rationally decide weather to let their message influence your thoughts and actions. They can only control you if you let them.

Once you see through the façade there is no turning back…

Enjoy the ride…