The Great Abdication – Why we let go and how to turn it around…

So why all this fear based conditioning? – Any ideas???

Fear has proven to be a very effective means of exerting control over both individuals and groups…

By absorbing some or all of the fear based conditioning imposed upon us we give control of our thoughts and actions to “others”

Unfortunately, more often than not, those “others” wish to exploit us. They wish to undermine our self confidence, our health, our happiness and our well being. They wish to cultivate dependence, within us, for whatever goods or services they provide, often, not for our benefit, but for their own material gain…

Into the “others” category I place many formalized religious groups, governmental and political bodies, extremest groups, corporations large and small and an extensive range of power/control/wealth obsessed individuals…

So, where has all this fear based conditioning left us?

Mired in self doubt and constantly looking to external sources for spiritual and moral guidance, happiness, entertainment, validation, health, nutrition, fitness, education… and a myriad of other goods and services…

We continue to believe much of what we are told, whats right and wrong, what constitutes acceptable and non acceptable behavior, what to wear, eat, drink, own, where to live, how to spend our time, essentially – what’s important in life…

Many of us expect others to provide food that meets our nutritional requirements, to diagnose and solve our health problems, to design our fitness routines and lead us through them, to develop and deliver our education programs, to provide employment and income, to entertain us and then to validate our every life choice…

We have allowed ourselves to be defined and divided into an ever increasing range of categories and sub categories based on our gender, gender preference, race, religion, physical attributes(skin, hair, height, weight), our physical, intellectual and emotional capabilities, our profession, place of residence, political persuasion. Even down to the sports and teams we follow, the music and movies we like, the type of technology we carry…………..the divisions go on and on and on…

And all the while – all we really are is a unique spirit, in a unique body with a unique set of lessons to learn and wisdom to share during this lifetime… nothing more!

By connecting with our inner voice and heeding it’s guidance rather than taking all our cues from external sources, we will create an opportunity to recover both ourselves and our planet.

So how do we disengage – How can we turn this around?

There’s really only one thing that we need to do – Step Away From the Fear – the manufactured fear we’ve been cultivating for thousands of years – the fear that can destroy us and is driving the destruction of this amazing planet.

The process will differ for each of us. I guarantee once you start and feel the difference it makes to your daily life, you will be motivated to continue.

So where to start…………………..

WE START BY DROPPING THE CATEGORIES – effectively eliminating fear of difference…

We need to stop dividing the human race into categories, citing similarities and then separating, by limited perceptions of differences – we are all different – no two of us are the same in mind body and spirit – no two of us are exactly the same – yet we are all human.

So what’s the problem with categories, don’t they make our lives easier???

Unfortunately categories come loaded with assumptions and a perceived level of sameness that excludes others. Exclusions create the potential for comparisons, with better than/worse than outcomes, in turn creating the potential for conflict.

We do not need to create categories.

We do not need to create conflict.

We just need to equally respect every unique member of the human race.

Remember: All anyone of us is, is a unique spirit, in a unique body with a unique set of lessons to learn and wisdom to share during this lifetime… We do not need to make it any more complicated than that!

I now practice this daily – it’s a simple and liberating exercise – not judging, assuming or bothering to entertain ill informed opinions, creates space for more enlightened thoughts to germinate… see the spirit not just the person.


A fear of change will see so many opportunities pass you by.

Change makes our lives interesting, stimulating, fun and fulfilling.

We can all choose to embrace change – take the time to explore, investigate, interrogate and validate all that is presented you. Then, from an informed position, embrace what works for you.

Not everything may. Change for change sake has been an effective marketing tool for generations. Embrace that which enhances your life and the lives of those around you.

We can all also choose to create change – if you are not fulfilled in your job, relationship, environment or anything else – take the time to understand why and create the change necessary.

By recognizing opportunities, embracing and creating change you can live a more stimulating and fulfilling life than you ever imagined possible.

The biggest challenges often offer the biggest rewards.

WE CAN DISENGAGE WITH FEAR OF LOSS(GREED) by knowing that money and stuff will not bring lasting happiness nor protect us from any challenge we face in this lifetime.

We can know that true and lasting happiness lies within and is realized thorough self awareness, acceptance and learning a little bit of self love.

Nothing that you do or own is capable of providing lasting happiness. No person is capable of, nor responsible for, your happiness.

We’ve all experienced the joy of a purchase, a good deal, something shiny and new. But have we all taken the time to observe how quickly that feeling dissipates? Does the feeling hang around after it’s no longer shiny and new – rarely if ever… and once we get this we can stop over consuming. Every item ever produced comes from nature, every item!

Inclined as they are to outlandish claims, I’ve yet to hear of any manufacturer capable of conjuring something from nothing!

Nature is finite and requires balance, and I believe nature maintains balance. The more we take, the more we consume, the more negative energy we generate, through fear based behavior, the more we force natures hand to retaliate and maintain balance.

This is somewhat of an optimistic belief on my part, as it implies that we will not get the opportunity to directly destroy this beautiful planet and all its inhabitants, without a fight – I believe mother nature to be a wonderful ally and more than worthy opponent.

Might be worth reminding ourselves at this point of our basic needs as a member of the human race: Food for nourishment and secure shelter within a community, with which to engage and contribute. That’s all we need!

Continued in Part 3