The Great Abdication – Why we let go and how to turn it around…

FEAR OF ILLNESS AND DEATH ABATES with acknowledgment of the certainty of death and the potential learnings associated with illness…

Being afraid of illness means that we are unable to own or learn from it.

Work to uncover the underlying source of any ailment – could be physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination of all three.

Research and read what you are drawn to, seek help and guidance from those who understand the journey we are on. Avoid those just out to make a buck or simply treat symptoms – navigate your way back to the source and work on that…

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – its your staunchest ally – it has so many messages for you. All our fears and insecurities play out in our body. Everything we eat impacts every aspect of our physical and emotional self – do your research – get to know your gut.

Consume the least processed foods you can get your hands on, if you do not recognize the ingredients on the packet don’t consume it. Also, if you would not consume it do not put it on yourself, our skins absorb…

Certainty of death is certainty of release from the confines of our current physical form and integration with our higher self. Death is the end of a chapter not the end of the book. A chapter does not have to be long to be powerful or influential, but must exist to lay the groundwork for what is to follow. Death is to be embraced not feared.

FEAR OF A GOD, ANY GOD – is for the ignorant – choose not to engage.

In terms of moral and spiritual guidance – read/study what you are drawn to, objectively question all that is presented, develop your own morale and ethical code.

Make up your own mind about what works for you and why and live your life accordingly. Dismiss anything that has you fearful or feeling bad about yourself or those around you.

In Part 1 we mentioned a number of other fears, that I claimed would dissipate if we addressed our five fundamental fears.

Lets re-visit those and see how they stack up.

Drugs – if we disengaged with fear and were happy, confident and secure would we seek addiction? Would they exist at all if there was no money to be made?

Alcohol – again, if we disengage with fear and were happy, confident and secure would we over indulge? Would we have an underage drinking problem if the market was not flooded with products targeting our youth?

Fat – would we have a fat problem if manufacturers put nutrition ahead of profit and used only natural ingredients?

Sugar – would we have a sugar problem if we did not have a fat problem and manufacturers put nutrition ahead of profit and used only natural ingredients? It’s now widely known that low fat foods are full of sugar.

Atomic Weapons – would we even need them if we were not driven by fear, desire for power and greed…

Aliens – we’re all different – diversity enhances all our lives – what’s the problem…

Global Warming and Climate Change – would we have either of these if we not obsessed with defining ourselves by what we own and accumulating wealth regardless of the cost to our fellow human beings or the environment?

Lets also consider a range of current scenarios driven by fear…

  • Would we have recently spent $21mil on a marriage survey if we were not fearful of change and difference… NO
  • Would we have wage inequality and a gender imbalance at senior levels if we were not fearful of change, difference and possibly loss … PROBABLY NOT
  • Would our current political leadership be so reluctant to embrace renewable energy if they were not so consumed by fear of of change, determined to cling to tradition and possibly also motivated by greed, or lobbied by those who are… PROBABLY NOT
  • Would we have so many areas of regional political or religious based conflict if we ALL dropped the categories and were not fearful of difference, change, loss OR a God… NO
  • Would we stop free movement of people over the surface of the planet – if we did not have the categories and were not afraid of difference, change or loss… placing our well being ahead of others… again, NO
  • Would we continue to pillage nature to produce unnecessary stuff – if we were not consumed by fear in the form of greed or measuring our self worth in material possessions… I THINK NOT
  • Would we continue to treat the symptoms not the cause of any illness – if we put the individuals well being ahead of profit – stopped researching and developing treatments based on profitability alone… I THINK NOT

How’s that for motivation?

We can do it – each and every one of us, one person at a time, one day at a time.

By disengaging from the culture of fear we have created, we can reclaim ourselves, our individuality, our freedom of choice, our quality of life. In so doing we can recover both ourselves and our planet.

Over the next few weeks start developing an awareness of how you spend your resources; time – energy – money.

When confronted with all manner of messaging, ask yourself: What do they want from me? What do they want me to think? What do they want me to do?

Be conscious of every thought that pops into your head – take the time to understand where it came from. Is it yours to own or a reflection of fear based conditioning? Your thinking drives your life choices.

Be conscious of every choice you make and why. The choices you make define the life you live – if you wish to change any aspect of your life, start making different choices…

Don’t Be afraid!!

Go out there and do and be yourself, your amazing self – share your wisdom, learn your lessons, give generously, receive gracefully and enjoy the ride!!