Many of us have unconsciously abdicated responsibility for both our personal well being and that of our planet.

We have never before had so much information/knowledge/wisdom at our fingertips yet we have never before been less personally informed about what is best for us and why.

The Great Abdication – why we let go and how to turn it around…

While we are up to our eyeballs in debt or striving to access it, have every moment of our day scheduled and spend every other moment glued to media devices, presenting advertising as content, it is impossible to view ourselves and our situations objectively.

Many of our conditioned behaviors involve outsourcing or abdicating responsibility for our personal well being to the producers, manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services – who place their wealth and well being ahead of ours.

We can reclaim ourselves, our individuality, our freedom of choice, our quality of life by objectively assessing how we spend our time, energy and money.

In so doing we will recover both ourselves and our planet.

I believe that Mother Nature rules, that she is here to help and will continue to for as long as we exist on this planet. When we push her too far she strikes back. Every evolution that takes place within her realm happens for a reason or is in response to something we have inflicted – all is one – the health of the planet is a direct reflection of the health of its inhabitants.

How did we get here?

The answer to that is quite straight forward – thousands of years of fear based conditioning.

Conditioning that, at its core, has been and still is divisive. The male/female divide being one of our most fundamental and toxic. Strength lies in unity – the continued promotion of adversity weakens us both as individuals and as a species.

Initially, our conditioning came only from our genetics and our environment, those physically closest too us and the communities within which we lived. Later from those who “invaded our communities”.

Developing through to where we are today – in a society saturated by a culture of fear – a prevalence of fear that is indistinguishable from fact – coming from a multitude of sources.

To us this is normal.

Objectively viewing all that is presented to us and objectively reviewing all our behaviors and assumptions is our way forward.

So……………… what are we afraid of?

I’ve distilled our fears down to a list of five fundamental fears – ALL of which we have manufactured.

They include: Fear of

  1. Difference
  2. Change
  3. Loss
  4. Illness & Death
  5. A God

There are plenty of others like – drugs, alcohol, fat, sugar, nuclear weapons or perhaps the folks that wield them…… aliens, global warming/climate change – the list is endless…

However, I believe if we address our most fundamental fears the rest will dissipate…

Lets explore each one of our fundamental fears a little more closely:

1. FEAR OF DIFFERENCE – Many of us are afraid of anything outside our personal experience. Different beliefs, practices, nationality, skin color, genders, gender preference, physical and intellectual abilities/disabilities…

When in fact all we are is different – no two of us are exactly the same in mind, body or spirit, we are all unique , uniquely suited to our purpose in this life… We are all different!

2. FEAR OF CHANGE – without question, sticking with habits/routines/ beliefs/rituals/traditions, clinging to familiarity.

When change is constant – nothing stands still – everything and everyone is in a constant state of change/evolution/degradation/regeneration… To resist change is futile, to fear it is madness, evolution will stop for no-one.

3. FEAR OF LOSS(GREED) – never having enough – always wanting more, surrounding ourselves with unnecessary stuff… Defining ourselves by what we own and achieve in a material sense, rather than who we are and how we live. Always looking after number one.

When material objects are essentially worthless, they don’t bring lasting happiness, won’t protect you from disease or death but do cost the earth, in terms of natural resources… We are not here to accumulate wealth, destroying the planet in the process, we’re here to truly get to know, love and accept ourselves and those around us – we do not need wealth to do that!

4. FEAR OF ILLNESS AND DEATH – we have a conditioned aversion to those displaying signs of physical/emotional/intellectual illness or disability and we still seem to be unable to rationally discuss death…

When death is a certainty for all of us and illness, in any form, often plays a pivotal role in our learnings in this life.

5. FEAR OF A GOD – many formalized religions preach that we are unworthy, not good enough, born of original sin and that we must repent, worship, sacrifice, convert or even eliminate the non believers to win gods favor/love and that if we do not, eternal damnation awaits… Scary???

When in fact we are perfectly formed, physically, emotionally and intellectually, and perfectly placed to achieve all we have set ourselves in this and every life time. Gods were imagined to help us rationalize that which we did not understand, providing the perfect opportunity to incite fear, in the ignorant, as a means of control. Surely, we’re no longer that ignorant…

Continued in Part 2