Snapshot 4 – EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON – whether we understand it or not…

Every situation we encounter has a learning for us, every person we engage with has something for us and likely us for them.

We are continually presented with an endless stream of opportunities from which to learn. If we miss opportunities for learning we will likely continue to encounter such opportunities until we finally get it.

When we are on the right path life flows, if we are distracted road blocks appear, if something seems too hard it probably is – step back – re-group – try to see past the immediacy of the situation to what is behind it – sit with it for a while – endless doing clouds the mind to insights.

The lessons we have chosen for this life are not going to be easy but also not impossible. We all have a set of challenging lessons to learn – along the way, be compassionate with yourself and all whom you meet.

If we nurture our health and well being, by default we nurture the planet and all its inhabitants… easy choice?