The re-emergence of the far right ultra conservatives and other extremest movements is one of the most disturbingly lazy phenomena of our time.

The beliefs and behaviours expressed and exhibited by these groups reflect the beliefs and behaviours of the past, and in some instances, the distant past. A past that we have actively moved through and beyond in order to create a better future.

It’s easier to go backwards to the known than forward through the unknown, when FEAR is your guiding force.

So, why is fear such a powerful motivator?

Maybe because it is a natural instinct that invites a strong response – fight or flight – a critical part of our primary protection mechanism – essential for our survival – when the threat is REAL.

Modern times sees us experiencing very few real threats(that we have not created, like climate change) and an almost unimaginable range of manufactured threats based around fear of difference, change, loss, illness and death and God(which ever) – all of which, although manufactured, tap into and exploit our basic survival instinct… inviting a strong response…

The absolute hilarity of the situation is that many of the proponents of extremest thinking have no idea of the full reality of what they are striving to reclaim(think Brexit). They merely cherry pick ideals ignoring the litany of implications and consequences that initially inspired change.

Going backward will inevitably lead to a similar process of change, delivering them back to where they are right now – how is this not obvious? Delusions of control perhaps?

Thankfully, evolution is unavoidable…

Manufactured fears drive behaviours that destroy, turning us into selfish merciless beings – which is the best way I can think to describe the supporters of the far right and many extremest movements.

Come on people – we are better than this!!