Snapshot 7 – PROJECTION – is a big part of who we are and how we perceive others.

Our perceptions of ourselves greatly distort how we see and experience those with whom we interact.

Until we truly know and accept ourselves we will continue to project our insecurities onto those around us. By insecurities I mean unresolved aspects of our own personalities.

We are all human, we all have the potential to perform great good and inflict great harm on those around us – the choice is ours.

Any comment or behaviour you witness, to which you have a strong negative reaction, is likely an aspect of yourself you have yet to acknowledge. Say for example, you perceive someone to be self centred and it really irritates you…………………..go take a look in the mirror…………… be honest with the person looking back at you. Can you honestly say that you have never behaved in a self centred manner – once you accept that it is something you are capable of you’ll find that the level of irritation you experience when witnessing such behaviour will greatly diminish.

Alternatively, if you perceive someone to be self centred merely as an observation, then either consciously or subconsciously you are aware that you are also capable of such behaviour. This level of awareness reserves judgement and promotes compassion.

The more aware and accepting of self we are the easier we are on those we share our lives with.

If we nurture our health and well being, by default we nurture the planet and all its inhabitants… easy choice?