It doesn’t have to be that way…

Not a lot has changed in the last 2000 years and not a lot will while we continue to be motivated by fear.

In the world as we know it:

  • Unique individuals have always existed,
  • Some have always had more material possessions than others and all of our possessions have, in their purest form, come from nature,
  • Illness, in some form, has always existed,
  • Death has always been a part of life,
  • Ritualized behaviours or religious beliefs have always existed, and
  • Conflict, at some level, has always existed

All of this would be manageable if we actively choose NOT to continue to be consumed/motivated/driven by FEAR!

Fear causing us to deride difference and deny uniqueness is one of the nastiest, driving a social culture of same, which is impossible to realize…

Fear of not having enough, money and/or stuff, is causing us to disrespect one another and decimate nature and our natural resources, globally.

Fear of illness dissuades us from looking within to uncover the message behind the illness. Everything happens for a reason. Additionally, the fear instilled in us by western medical practices, dissuade the individual from owning, understanding and managing their own health outcomes. The root cause of an illness is often left unexplored while symptoms are simply masked.

Fear of death, even though death is an integral and unavoidable consequence of life, leads to stress and grief rather than joyful celebration as our time arrives.

Fear of those who ascribe to a different set of religious or cultural beliefs or practices phenomenally narrows our life experiences and drives conflict.

Conflict can be constructive, an opportunity to learn and grow, but with all the above fears loaded in, conflict has become singularly destructive. The most destructive force currently playing out – doubly decimating nature – destroying already spent resources and absorbing unlimited new resources.

By simply dropping the fear we can embrace our uniqueness, not give a fig about what anybody else has or why, understand our unique bodies – what works for us and what doesn’t and consume accordingly, embrace death when our time is up, take the time to form our own opinions and life preferences, learning from any conflict that does arise.

It’s all doable – it’s in your unique hands – embrace a life without fear!