Thought Provoking

Independence of mind and being, away from the influences of societal norms and expectations, is an aspirational place for many. This thought-provoking text will help anyone feeling burdened with the weight of unnecessary expectations or limited self-beliefs with some strategies to let go, own who they are and simply live their truth.
Jayne Parker, Director, The Change Place

Jodee says: “So this little baby accompanied me on my recent mini break in Cairns. A holiday is a great time to read this book by Margaret Purcell. A clear head with no distractions, just you and your own thoughts, will allow you to relax and open up to new concepts or give you a gentle reminder of what you know to be true however external influances have impacted on your reality. #whatarewethinking will help you identify your “Group Mind” and provide you the tools to discover and live your life according to your very own mind.”

Mary says: “Confronting, thought provoking – a book filled with wisdom to guide us on our journey in this lifetime. ”

Paul says “I have always felt like an outsider and your book really resonates with me. I am happy with this place now, and perhaps am hiding a little from the world, but your book makes it feel OK. ”

Kristina says “Its only a short book but it is taking for ever for me to get through because I keep going back and re-reading, there is so much to absorb, I love it! ‘

Miriam says “What a great little book this is. Good for picking up and opening at random, or a thorough read-through. Margaret Purcell‘s style in text is like Margaret in person – down to earth, full of good advice – straight talking and an easy read. This slim volume is a great addition to your bookshelf or backpack!”

A Review

Is there anything this woman can’t do? But that’s the point of Margaret’s, ‘What are we thinking?’. We can be very good at convincing ourselves what we’re not capable of, but most importantly, the opposite is also true.

‘What are we thinking?’ reminds us to learn from the people and experiences that challenge us. Understanding people and ourselves, helps us replace our own negative chat and that of the people around us – could be friend, family, colleague of stranger – with a positive message, that helps us turn things around, achieve our goals, find our own happiness. It’s not an easy path, but Margaret’s personal book gives practical advice, that you can dip in and out of, and return to and take something new away.

So to answer my first question, is there anything this woman can’t do? No, and she reminds us, that if we are willing to learn, the same applies to us. When we ‘unpack’ the situation/feelings only then do we gain a deeper understanding of why we’ve behaved/reacted to a situation or person, and only then can the future be different. I think you’re book is great, it really gives us the tools to keep evolving. Thank you. Natalie Baxter

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‘What are we thinking?’ is available in hard copy or for your Kindle.