We’re NOT thinking while we try to blend in rather than stand tall… we’re just being…

Being normal, being average, being part of the crowd, being safe… being miserable perhaps?

There is no such thing as normal or average and being part of the crowd implies a level of mindlessness that may appear to be safe but will ultimately lead to misery, your misery.

We are all unique – in mind, body and spirit.  No two of us has ever or will ever be exactly the same.  Pretending any different is delusion of self by self – you’re better than that – we all are!

We are all perfectly formed, in mind, body and spirit, to achieve all that we have set ourselves in this and every lifetime… to be any different would only make learning our lessons and sharing our wisdom more difficult – I don’t know about the rest of you but I certainly do not need that!

Make up your own mind about what is important to you and why, question (and likely dismiss) anything that has you feeling bad about yourself.  Live an authentic life and respect the rights of others to do same.