Snapshot 3 – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Your life is full of people who are either here to support you in your learnings or whom you have agreed to support in theirs.

The thing with support is – for it to be of any value – it has to be accepted – no one can guide or support you if you do not accept that guidance/support.

Understanding that we are all hear to learn removes barriers to seeking and accepting support and guidance and also offering it willingly to others.

People come and go in our lives. Sometimes, someone whom we meet only briefly can have a profound impact on us, just as we may, sometimes unknowingly, have a profound effect on others.

On top of all our earth bound support we have spirit, our angles and guides, waiting for us to ask for their help. All those thoughts and ideas that pop into our heads, seemingly from nowhere, come from them.

We do set ourselves up to succeed in this and every life, we just have to accept the advice and support offered and make the right choices along the way.

If we nurture our health and well being, by default we nurture the planet and all its inhabitants… easy choice?