Snapshot 1 – YOU ARE UNIQUE. There is no one out there like you, never has been and there never will be, anyone else exactly like you.

So, why a life of endless comparisons, you against everyone you see and meet, you against perceived norms, averages or ideals.

What is normal? If we are all unique there can be no such thing as normal – norms incline us to either feeling better or worse about ourselves – both of which are delusions – feeling good about yourself because you think you are better than others – no – just different – feeling bad about yourself because you think others are better than you – no – just different.

Why average? Average at what – a single aspect of your intellectual or physical being – in what way can that be aspirational? None of us are either below or above average – because – we are all unique.

Ideals? Says who, and what would they know? Definitely a mechanism to promote insecurities, how kind! Also a mechanism to promote consumption – another great kindness, NOT – we are not and cannot be exactly like anyone else – to promote this concept is fucked. Yet it is forms the backbone of 21st century western culture – what is going on……………?????

You have a mind, a body and a spirit that define you.

You may be the same age as someone else out there – right down to the second, but your mind, body and soul define you – not your age.

You are likely the same sex as approximately half the population but that also does not define you, nor does your religion, nationality, IQ, height, weight or any other convenient grouping. They are simply aspects of the mind, body and soul that is you.

Accept and celebrate the fact that you are unique, you are here for a purpose, that is also unique and known only to you, and know that comparisons, on any level, are both destructive and futile…………..

If we nurture our health and well being, by default we nurture the planet and all its inhabitants… easy choice?