You are a mind, a body and a spirit and you have chosen to live this life in this time. You chose the family you are born into, the people you will meet along the way and the learnings you wish to take on. Some learnings will be highly challenging, others less so.

These learnings are less about education, as we know it, and more about developing a more loving, caring and compassionate self, both in respect to the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat others. Often it is less about the situation and more about how we handle it – and if we don’t do so well the first time we can rest assured that these opportunities will continue to present, until we finally get it. Explains why we may keep finding ourselves in similar situations, or witness others repeating what appear to be the same mistakes………..

Your mind and body are temporary, they come and go with each life, but your spirit is eternal. Our learning’s are retained in our soul and will be there to support us next time around.

If we nurture our health and well being, by default we nurture the planet and all its inhabitants… easy choice?